The Rame inspired by Christian Dior Sauvage fragrance will transport you there with its radical. The fragrance is a mix of fresh and woodsy scents that are perfect for the summer. The top notes of the fragrance are bergamot, lemon, and pink pepper. The middle notes are jasmine, rose, and litchi. The base notes are vetiver, amber, and patchouli. The fragrance is long-lasting and has good silage.

The fragrance is the freshness of the bergamot and lemon. The pink pepper gives the fragrance a little bit of spice. The jasmine and rose add a touch of sweetness. The vetiver and amber add a woodsy depth to the fragrance. The patchouli rounds out the fragrance and makes it last longer.

The Rame inspired by Christian Dior Sauvage is a truly transportive fragrance. It's perfect for summer, but it can also be worn in the spring and fall. It's long-lasting and has good silage. The fragrance is also very versatile and can be worn for any occasion.